Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ghana report and culinary entrepreneurship

Katie Cochrane (the PSU student who accompanied me for part of my trip to Ghana this summer) and I recently summarized our experiences in a brief article on pages 6-7 of the Fall issue of the  Interinstitutional Consortium for Indigenous Knowledge (ICIK)'s newsletter.  The newsletter can be downloaded (thank you for permission Prof. Maretzki) at

This issue is most informative and also includes a great article on page 5 featuring three Penn State graduate students who took first place in a competition sponsored by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)  and called "Developing Solutions for Developing Countries,"  specifically  a contest in which students are challenged to come up with a way to provide sustainable, nutritional and affordable food for families with small children. I only wish the IFT had included "tasty" among the adjectives.

The winning students'  ingenious design was for "producing and distributing a confectionery product in Peru where traditional diets are extremely low in calcium." The students named their product “CalciMelo” (“Calci” for Calcium and “Melo” from Caramelo, the Spanish word for a confection or candy). I hope to profile one of the graduate students, Julius Ashirifie-Gogofio from Ghana, in an upcoming blog posting, and to learn if steps are being made to translate their idea into a reality. In the meantime, I recommend the article and others in the issue.