Saturday, November 05, 2022

 November 5, 2022

We've been back from Ghana for over a month (though my husband Kwadwo is heading back there in a couple of weeks). I'm now thinking about the holidays--Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Kwanzaa.       

I've been continuing to work on upgrading the adinkra cookie stamps--as you may recall, since 2019 I have been developing a vegan, gluten-free Ghana friendly tiger nut flour blend (also coconut oil, cassava, plantain, cornstarch, sorghum, corn and tapioca, etc.  flours) and simultaneously developing some new adinkra cookie stamps. In addition to the sankofa and gye name versions. I tested them out in Ghana in 2019. That was 3 years ago!

This process has taken an inordinately long time--trial and error, trial and error, repeatedly. Just when I thought I was home free, some folks advised me that I need to "dip-coat" the cookie stamps to seal them against bacteria. I also wanted to streamline the 3D print process so sought out some more help locally.  While I carried some of the new, duly dip-coated stamps to Ghana in August, my stove in Ghana broke down and prevented me from making them there.

I'm back in Pennsylvania now, though, and still plan to start up again in time for the holidays. Check back here to keep updated.

Little by little, the chicken drinks water. . .