Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Who can describe funkasa?

I had a request today for information on what is described as a millet pancake, probably a Hausa food. I'm not familiar with it. Can anyone help?



Anonymous said...
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Fran said...

Here is a post by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. At the person's request, I've removed identifying information.
I've just across your amazing blog! I don't know if you had any replies to your query on "funkasa," but could it be Fankassou from Niger? I've been trying to track down a good recipe for it.



Fran said...

And here's my response:
I never did get a reply, but I just checked today online and saw several recipes for funkaso, millet pancakes. (for examplke, at
http://bit.ly/Tz69TX or
It appears to be a classic Nigerian dish, either as a snack or a meal accompaniment. I've no idea if it's related to the "funkassou" of Niger.