Monday, July 13, 2015

The Ghana Cookbook pre-order prices: Amazon vs. Barnes and Noble

Friends: I just noticed that while in the U.S. offers a descriptive blurb about The Ghana Cookbook and pre-order prices of $16.57 (a 17% discount),  Barnes and Noble online is offering pre-orders of The Ghana Cookbook for $14.95 (a 25% discount). 

If you plan to buy a copy, please be advised that this first issue (due out in early October) will be a small print run. If you want to be sure to get a copy, consider getting your order in sooner rather than later. (This could make a great hostess, Christmas, or Kwanzaa gift for someone special on your list.)

Coming soon: a recipe that will not be in the cookbook: benisi from northern Ghana. It uses shea butter and young black-eyed pea leaves. Does anyone know where I might find some of these leaves, fresh and tender, in central Pennsylvania? Otherwise, I will substitute baby spinach leaves.

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