Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Sister Linda recently sent me a painting that she started as a rough sketch and turned into a lovely reminder of four books I have written on/about Africa, and Ghana in particular: 

  • A New Land to Live In: the Odyssey of an African and an American Seeking God's Guidance on Marriage (Intervarsity Press, 1977), written after my marriage in Ghana to Kwadwo Osseo-Asare in 1972;
  • A Good Soup Attracts Chairs: A First African Cookbook for American Kids (Pelican Publishing Company, 1993), written as I was teaching my own children--first Abena, Masi, and DK [and later adopted nephews Sam and Ernest, and children in pre-school, kindergarten, and various elementary school children in PA] to cook Ghanaian food; 
  • Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa (Greenwood Press, 2005)
  • The Ghana Cookbook, (Hippocrene Press, 2015), with collaborator Barbara Baëta
 I should mention, too,  my unpublished dissertation, which provided background and context for much of my writing:
  • We Are Magicians: Chronic Stress and the Economy of Affection in Africa (Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, The Pennsylvania State University, 1991)

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